Beauty Balance with Olfaction — My 4 smell-tastic beauty picks for evoking you into a positive mood.

We seldom realize how much of an impact that smell can have on our mood and well-being. Our olfactory sense is said to be the strongest link between smell and our memory. For some, the smell of chocolate chip cookies can bring back wonderful childhood memories filling our heart with a sense of joy.  For others the smell of a heavy cologne may have a negative impact on the memory, with thoughts of an old boyfriend or, for some, the memory of a horrible sexual assault which leaves the individual with angry or fearful emotions.

In 1998, while serving with the Canadian Forces, I was part of a tasking that would leave a negative olfactory memory imprint within my brain. Today, my sense of smell is extremely sensitive and hypervigelant. I have shared with friends the impact that this event has had on my sense of smell and have made joking comments that I should be hired as a scent tracker for law enforcement. So—if the impact of smell is connected to memory, then it should be no surprise that any product that I purchase, the products scent has become the number one influencer in my choice to purchase it­—or not.

If smell can create such intense emotions within us, then it is a no brainer that the beauty industry has been said to have been built around the creation of the power of scent. Both positive and negative experiences are formed.  It is my belief that a company strives to obtain the positive impact from scent. The perfume industry is a prime example.  Scent is the essence of its’ existence.  Each company is competing for the next perfect scent to draw in their customer. With so many brands, the perfume industry caters to its customers diverse sense of smell.  For some, a specific brand of perfume may emote euphoric, happy and positive emotions, while another person may label the same perfume as offensive smelling and leave them with feelings of negativity and disgust. One scent with two entirely different emotional reactions. Amazing—right?

With scent being a deciding factor in my purchases of beauty products, I decided to share four of my all-time favorite beauty products. I have not been compensated in any way to provide my review and experience with any of these four products and they have been shared in no particular order. Each one is different in scent; yet, each one leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of positive emotions each time I use them.

Kashmere Body Polish
Kashmere Body Polish

I will admit that I am an occasional fan of a few of the Real Housewives shows and sometimes their spin offs. We all need a little TV vice to go with our food vice—it’s my balance. The co-founder of Kashmere Kollections is non other than the Real Housewife and Don’t be Tardy star; Kim Zolciak Beirmann. The scent is often described as a fresh beachy scent; however, my nose picks up on another note of this fabulous product.

I shared my scent success story with the company and I have been quoted to saying that it is like “a hug in a jar”. In my experience, the Kashmere smell reminds me of the smell of the white gummy bears’ pineapple fruity smell. A childhood memory favorite.  Not only does this product have an amazing scent, the Kashmere Body Polish leaves your skin silky smooth. The sugar exfoliates dead skin cells while the oils in the scrub leave skin feeling radiant. Kashmere Kollections also offers Toning Oil, which contains the same yummy scent along with other fabulous products. They often have BOGO sales on products and it is a great time to stock up and take advantage of this amazing product. This one is a keeper in my line up of must have beauty favorites.

7 Virtues – Vetiver of Haiti 

7 Virtues Custom Blend Box

Every gal needs a perfume that leaves her feeling sexy and unstoppable.  I was first introduced to the 7 Virtues perfumes—once again while watching TV.   Boy, I am making it seem like I watch a lot of TV but I can promise you; like everything else, it’s all in balance.

The 7 Virtues founder and CEO Barb Stegemann appeared on the Canadian show Dragon’s Den.  Barbs mission and story was inspiring and landed her a deal with the Dragon’s.  Knowing this perfume was available at The Bay, I had to try it.  As noted on the products back cover, “Each fragrance is made with natural essential oils sourced from nations rebuilding after war and strife.”  A cause I felt I needed to be part of through my purchase. While purchasing, I could not decide on which scent to choose from and I purchased the Custom Blend Box.  

While at The Bay, I sprayed the Vetiver of Haiti onto a tester knowing that I struggle with some scents and perfume notes; however, I am a now learning that this way of testing perfume is not as effective as putting on our skin and allowing our body chemistry to balance with the product. I am happy to report that there is a reason this perfume was Chatelaines Beauty 100 winner and it has become my favorite perfume.   From its’ top notes of Bergamot and Lime to its’ lasting notes of Sandalwood and Amber, this fragrance is soft, sexy and sensual.  After dabbing it onto my skin, I realized it had a euphoric smell that overwhelms the senses with happiness.  I personally don’t think you can go wrong with the 7 Virtues Custom Blend box option.  Understanding why perfumes smell different on different people, the Custom Blend Box allows the purchaser to mix and blend each fragrance “harmoniously with the other”—7 Virtues.  It’s a win win no matter how you ‘pick’ your favorite.

Saje ‘Refresh’ Oil Blend

Saje Refresh Blend

Aromatherapy seems to have become the newest trend in wellness.  In an article by Dana Gottisman “7 Powerful Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy”, aromatherapy is believed to affect the mind which I have briefly discussed in the beginning of this article relating to my own olfactory experience. Gottisman further states that aromatherapy dates back to ancient civilizations using oils for both ritual and medicinal purposes.  While the concept is not new, companies are cashing in on the trend for emotional wellness and there are many different brands out there from direct sales to companies selling oil blends through the multi-level marketing concept.

I have many oil blends around the house and I usually allow my mood and nose to choose which blend I place in my diffuser on any given day.  I also have several pieces of diffuser jewelry that I wear as an alternate to my perfume. One of my favorite oil blends for my home is the ‘Refresh’ blend from Saje.  It contains a blend of eucalyptus, lemon and spearmint which carry a combination of a sweet soothing smell that leaves a positive twist on your emotions.  I often pop this blend into several of my diffusers  around the home when I am housecleaning.  After all, the daunting feelings of those tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and laundry need a positive spin, and Refresh is one scent that have added to my list of scents that leave me with an ‘almost’ intense love of housework.

Jean Paul Gaultier le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Okay ladies—how could I not write this article without adding in a scent for ‘him’ that is noted as being ‘forbidden’.  I am over the moon for this seductive male fragrance.  It is definitely my personal pick for a non edible aphrodisiac and while this is my husbands personal go to cologne, I cannot help but share a funny story that should give you an overview of just how powerful of an affect this luscious scent can have on emotions.

My husband and I were at the local grocery store picking up a few odds and ends.  My husband was not wearing his cologne; however, as we walked down the isles I was overwhelmed by a fragrance. That fragrance was ‘le male’.  I said to my husband “ someone in the store is wearing Jean Paul Gaultier”, as I proceeded down the isles with my nose aloof similar to smelling your way to the scent of a delicious BBQ.  Now for those watching, I looked like a loony toon wafting my way down the isles looking for the colognes owner, but for myself, the scent was overwhelming and hypnotizing.  It brought back my initial emotions of meeting my husband for the first time (which the scent does each time I smell it) and it was like I was falling in love all over again.

This cologne is a winner.  With notes such as bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, musk, amber and vanilla—who can resist.  Ladies, next time you are in the perfume isle at your local pharmacy or department store, ask to smell this love potion.  Better yet, ask a single stranger to test it out on his arm— you never know, it could lead to your own love story.

So there you have it, my personal picks of my smell-tastic scents that you will have to try out for yourself.  If you have a go to favorite scent that gives you feelings of peace and happiness, please share it so that I can take it for a test drive on the happiness wheel of life ! Stay Beautiful xox —Jacquie B


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